Build patient loyalty with Amenities

Activate, inform & engage patients with amenities’ digital membership platform to grow your health system’s revenue and build sustainable brand loyalty.

Keeping patients takes brand loyalty.
Building that loyalty takes a platform.

Increase Patient Acquisition

by growing patients in a custom digital platform and protecting your existing patient population with digital tools that meet needs and exceed expectations.

Build and Measure Brand Loyalty

with measurable data that returns real patient ‘keepage’. Know your utilization and, more importantly, have the digital tools and framework to improve it.

Solve the Revenue Problem

by safeguarding your patient / Health System relationship through digital tools that earn trust and foster brand loyalty in the changing healthcare landscape.

Brand loyalty could be worth BILLIONS.

Go beyond a point-solution with Amenities’ fully-integrated Digital Membership Platform

Health system executives estimate they could gain a 17% increase in revenues by reducing patient leakage.

-ABOUTTM 2022 Leakage Report